The Product

We rely on the Australian Property Institute Recommended Residential Mortgage Valuation Pro forma for standard residential valuations. Other specifically designed report formats have been developed to cater for individual report requirements.

Our valuation reports are readily adaptable and are constantly updated utilising the latest technology for both word processed documents and spreadsheets.

Report quality is continually monitored to ensure a consistent, professional standard in providing a maximum level of information to the reader in a succinct format.

In our property valuation work, we strive to provide our clients with as much relevant information regarding a property as is available.

Research and information reporting includes detailed analysis reflecting the basis upon which the valuation has been made and the background data upon which the property has been assessed.

We have access to various computerised cash flow based analytical techniques for all development and investment properties to supplement the traditionally accepted valuation methods and techniques. Plant and machinery or highly specialised valuations can be organised to cater for specific requirements.

“We guarantee superior quality service and report quality”.

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